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A portrait view of Bridal Veil Falls. Located in Highlands, North Carolina, it is one of the most popular attractions in Western North Carolina. This is probably due to the fact that motorists can drive under the falls. The image shows a group of…

This post card depicts the Kings Daughters Hospital in Greenville, Mississppi on a sunny, cloudy day. There does not seem to be any signs of people that are visible on this post card, and it appears that there is a forest located in the back of the…

A beautiful shot of Bridal Veil Falls located between Highlands and Franklin in North Carolina. The water flows off a cliff onto a bed of rocks below.

A portrait view of Dry Falls on the Cullasaja River. The capture makes the water look soft and misty as it flows against the rocks below. A person can be seen to the right of the falls, looking at the water.

A view of the Smoky Mountains against the blue sky. There is a sign in the foreground of the image that has a map and reads "MOUNTAINS TO THE EAST AND SOUTH-EAST ALL THE MOUNTAINS VISIBLE FROM HERE ARE TO THE NORTH OF THE MAIN GREAT SMOKIES RANGE --…

A stunning image of two mountaintops framed by snow covered trees. The mountains rest against a blue sky and are highlighted by the snow white ground in front of it.

A darkened view of the treeline in the Smoky Mountains, more specifically in the Southern Appalachians. There is a road in the foreground, snow capped trees in the midground, and a mountaintop in the background.

This colored postcard depicts an aerial view of Pilot Mountain in North Carolina. The mountain, located between Winston-Salem and Mt. Airy North Carolina, rises to a height of 2700 feet above sea level. Pilot Mountain was used as a lookout for the…

This post card depicts the the Mecklenburg County Court house in Charlotte North Carolina on a sunny afternoon in North Carolina. There are two larger trees that are placed on each side of the building, and there are no other visible government…
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