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Man and woman sit at a table

Man holding his hat looks at a woman wearing a long dress.

Man and woman walking along a garden. Woman holds an umbrella.

Men and women exiting an airplane

Man and woman hold each other and look into each other's eyes.

A black and white photo of a large crowd of people gathered in a field. Men are standing in the foreground, some of them in clothes that resemble baseball uniforms. Some people are sitting in the left background in what looks like bleachers. There is…

Two women of the Seminole Tribe in Florida stand with a girl between them. They are dressed in brightly colored skirts and loose-fitting shirts. One of the women has many different necklaces of different colors on, while the one behind her has fewer…

A black and white photograph of a hotel in North Carolina. The hotel looks to have about 13 floors. The photo is taken across the street from the hotel.

Two tram cars on a mountain side approach each other. The cars have a greenish appearance. The background shows a mountain covered in greenery with road in the valley.
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