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This postcard displays a photo of the Columbia Gorge which is the red and white small passenger ship seen sailing on the lake. Passengers are seen on the bottom as well as the top deck of the ship looking overboard at the beautiful view of the…

A woman on the beach holds her sandy shoe near her feet, she seems to be shaking of the sand before she puts her shoe back on. By her feet are a few beach accessories like sunglasses, a towel and a tube.

In the background of the postcard is the "Mormon Tabernacle" which is famous for its acoustical properties. Front and center is the Seagull Monument with a woman in red looking towards it.

Postcard shows a group of Poinsettia flowers that has blossomed. In the middle of the flower, there are yellow buds that when bloomed, turns into a Poinsettia leaf.

This postcard displays a large sign in the center. The sign is white and has red and black writing. It reads in red "Best Water This Side Pacific" and in black "Abourezk's Store". The sign is located roadside, the background is a blue sky.

Four colorful parrots sit on a branch. the fourth has its wings outstretched.

The postcard is photo of five birds. Three colorful parrots sit on a branch above 2 pink flamingos standing in the water.

What appears to be an oddly candid photograph of the construction of a building. A ladder lays crooked in the foreground and we see a man working in the background.

As a stereocard, the image is duplicated on the card, with no discernible…

Portrait of an unknown family in front of a stone building and window. Female in the center with four males around her. The complexion and hair texture of the male on the far left suggests he is African-American and a servant of the family; possibly…
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