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An aerial photograph of downtown memphis, Tennessee

This postcard shows an aerial view of Memphis, Tennessee and some greenery on the right.

Color photograph of the blessing of the water, a Greek orthodox tradition; four men are seen surrounding a glass bowl of water; they are wearing traditional religious clothing; in perfect condition

This postcard shows the Archbishop Iakovos in…

The front of the card contains a photograph of seven people forming a "human pyramid" on water skis. Two women stand on the shoulders of three people below them, one man flanked by two women. There are two more women on either side of those three.…

This postcard is a colored picture of the outside of a church. The scene is captured from across the street. Flags are also shown hanging above the street.

This card has an illustration of a woman wearing red shorts, a yellow shirt, and high heels. She is standing beside a blue car, with a little dog sitting on the back trunk. A man, most likely an auto repair worker, is assessing and fixing the rear of…

The front of the card is an image of a group of girls dancing in a circle, wearing traditional, native Greek costumes. There seems to be a large amount of spectators in the background watching the dancers perform. There is a large white tent or…

The front of the card has two illustrations of The Centennial Room at Hotel Schuler in Marshall, Michigan. The smaller illustration is in the bottom right corner. It may be the entrance way to The Centennial Room. It has one white brick wall, and…

The front of the card is a color photograph of light pink hanging flowers. A few of the flowers have bloomed, but not all.
On the back of the card is a description that identifies the type of flower and where this image was taken. It is a shell…

The front of the card is a photograph of a man and woman, and other visitors, playing shuffleboard outside of The Kentuckian Motel. The building of the motel is white, with lush green grass around the shuffleboard. There are multiple palm trees and…
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