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This is a postcard used by Holiday Inn that highlights one of their West palm Beach locations. There are palm trees that surround the hotel with a bright blue sky and no clouds.

This hand drawn picture promotes the Tallahassee Motor Lodge by showing the beautiful new building.

This is an illustration of the Tallahassee Motor Lodge in Tallahassee, Florida. There are cars outside of the lodge and it is surrounded by tall…

This postcard is a photograph of a young Native American girl climbing a ladder to the second story of a pueblo in Arizona.

This is a photo of a little Hopi Indian girl climbing up a ladder that is leaning on the side of a brick wall that looks…

A photograph of a street in Naples, Florida that shows several cars (some parked, while others are in motion) with different shops along the right side, surrounded by palm trees.

Illustration of the Sunshine Skyway bridge going over a waterway in Florida. A boat travels in the water from underneath the bridge. The card is featuring the walkways for the fishermen, but there are no fishermen on the card.

The Castillo de San Marcos National Monument is seen in the foreground of the picture. In the bay behind it, dozens of shrimp boats are featured. A bridge connects the bay to land on the other side. Several houses and cars can be seen in the distance…

A straight on view of the Cathedral Place, Plaza and Slave Market of St. Augustine Florida. There are lots of flowers and palm trees in the bakcground. Many cars line the street, as well as a horse and carriage with a man in a red shirt inside. To…

Nighttime illustration of a moonlit reflection of a civic center, surrounding buildings and a bridge on Lake Mirror in Lakeland, Florida. The buildings, the bridge and the moon all are illuminated.

An illustration of Miami's brightly lit city skyline at night. Palm trees and water show there is a distance between the MacArthur Causeway and the city lights.
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