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A scene depicting a religious shrine atop a mountain. There are stairs in the left half of the photo for pilgrims to navigate up and down the mountain while completing a devotional rosary. Stations for the mystery of the rosary are seen depicted in…

A depiction of a replica of the world famous Thai royal barge, located in Montreal, Canada. The Ornate golden architecture is built over green grass with a solid blue sky in the background.

Picture showcases an old historic port that contains…

This card depicts various scenes of soldiers of the U.S. army participating in different activities. One image show a battle scene with cannons being fired while another shows soldiers lined up at attention. Military planes and a ship are also shown.…

This postcard is a card highlighting key tourist areas of Telaviv

The card shows a sepia photo of the interior nave of a church in Pittsburgh. The image is seen from the perspective of one standing in the middle of the aisle, probably close to the church's entrance. The altar, arch, decorated ceiling, and the backs…

A drawing of a historical fort in San Antonio, Texas. The drawing is set at night time, with scattered foliage in the forefront and a full moon in the background.

This post card depicts a piece of paper with the words, "Birthday Greeting" printed on it, surrounded by lace with a gold border, an envelope, and purple flowers.

This card shows a man in the middle of a mountain valley. Everything is covered in snow except a small cluster of houses in the valley and some fragile trees. The man is wearing a blue jumpsuit and looks like he's skiing. The sky is blue and…

This card features a red-brick hotel with a green roof. There is a blue sign on the roof that reads GEORGE VANDERBILT HOTEL. Across the street from the hotel there's Harry's Motor shop in red letters. There are green mountains in the background and a…
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