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A photograph of the St Frances Xavier Cabrini Shrine surrounded by benches. a rock outcropping and red flowers.

This is an image of Moose Hall, a building in Northumberland, Pennsylvania. The building seems to have a mixture between European (Parisian) and New England architecture. There is a large sign above one window that says: "Moose".

This postcard displays an image of construction workers at a granite quarry. There are some cranes holding large rocks as a man in a red hat directs the crane where to go.

This postcard has Niagara Falls to the left with some rocks and people on a pier observing. To the right of Niagara Falls Hotel Converse is pictured with some people in front as well as two parked cars.

This postcard paper has yellowed over time but overall it is in good condition. The image on the card is a black and white image of a white steamboat preparing to dock for more passengers. There are several people standing at the front of the boat…

The postcard contains a colorful drawing of two men fishing on a beach. One wears shorts, a shirt, and a hat, while the other wears just shorts, but both are barefoot and face the ocean. They hold large fishing poles that appear twice as large as…

This postcard is a photo of the scenery at a motel on Clearwater Bay. Some of its residents are captured sun-bathing on the lawn. One can see the proximity to the ocean, the open lawn, the motel, and various kinds of trees. The back of the card has…

A multitude of boats docked at a Marina. Most boats are sailboats with long, red masts. There are some men seen sitting on the side of the boat with their backs to the camera. The water and the sky seem to be the same shades of blue. There are no…

Building pictured against the backdrop of a beautiful, sunny day. Green foliage and trees surround the building. The roof is a burt orange color and clay tiled. You can see a mixture of arched and rectangular windows on the building and a side door…
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