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A Hopi Kachina doll on a green background.
The doll appears to be a masked figure with a cylinder protruding from its mouth and a hat on its head made from a duck. The top and front of the head are painted with brightly colored squares, and the side…

This is a beautiful picture of Bahia Honda Bridge during sunset.

This image is an illustration of the Overseas Highway to Key West from Mainland Florida.

This postcard has a finely drawn picture of The Convent of Mary Immaculate on the front. It magnifies the beauty of this old building.

Three story building with golden cross and statue laid into the roof. There is a garden with flowers and trees,…

This is a picture of a dolphin trainer playing with dolphins at the Marine Studios in Marineland, Florida.

The man is feeding "Pudgy" the dolphin as another dolphin looks on. Marineland Studios.

This is a meme of the Fountain of Youth. It shows an elderly woman taking a sip from the Fountain of Youth and becoming young.

This is an illustration of presumably Ponce de Leon, taking water from the Fountain of Youth and offering the water to…

This post card highlights Weekiwachee Spring which is located on Florida's Gulf Coast.

This card is an illustration of a woman underwater, feeding fish. She holds an air hose in her right hand and food in her left.

Her face is turned toward…

This post card has a photograph of seven greyhounds racing at a dog track. The photograph captures the greyhounds in the act of doing a hurdle.

This illustration shows greyhounds racing at night time, going through a hurdle of grass-like…

This card highlights City Hall Tower in Key West, Florida. From this looks of the buildings the time frame seems to be the early 1900s.

Two caricatured couples sit in the foreground. One of the male characters kneels in front of one of the females. The other female sits on the other male's lap. Two older relatives sit in the background, smiling and looking at the proposal.
A hand…
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