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This post card depicts people enjoying their day at the Sanlando Springs on a hot and sunny Florida day. people are both sun bathing, admiring the view, and swimming in this postcard.

Front side is a humorous comic-style illustration involving an angry moose (I think) and an incompetent hunter. The illustration is accompanied by a "punny" joke. Back side has postage and is stamped; author wrote a brief message in blue ink; it…

Greyhounds of different colors take off from a starting box as two men in white attire and white hats unlock the gates from the side. The dogs are wearing different colored and numbered jerseys spanning from green and white striped to red with black…

This postcard depicts the Asheville Biltmore hotel against a blue sky and a few white clouds. In good condition, some marks on the front image.

This illustrated card features a close-up portrait of an infant. The blue-eyed child has wispy blonde hair and faces the viewer with pink lips curled slightly into a smile. The baby's shoulders are covered by a white or light-blue cloth, over which…

This postcard, which features a beautiful northern California home is in dedication to Jane Withers. Known as "La Californiana", this home belonged to Jane Withers, who is featured in the top right hand corner in a small portrait. The stunning garden…

A view of the San Juan, Puerto Rico harbor in the early twentieth century. In the foreground is a walkway with people and a square with grass and a palm tree. Buildings are to the right. In the center are about 6 boats and ships, some docked and…

The grand canyon spreads as far as the eye can see. At the bottom of the closest cliff trees can be seen.

A young girl stands behind a chest of sea shells with a poorly written sign saying " Sea shells 1 cent". She is standing on a beach with water and trees in the distance. Her red bathing suit is overall style with white polka dots.
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