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A illustration of the San Jose Church and Plaza in San Juan Puerto Rico, some small smudges on the right corner of the card back.
The San Jose Church and Plaza in Puerto Rico is depicted with children playing in front and a nun sitting on a bench.

On the front side is a picturesque image of the chapel. The chapel is at the end of a wide walkway, which is surrounded by lots of large, green trees.

Voorhees Chapel is one of two chapels on the campus of Rutgers, The State University of New…

A young boy stands in front of a large blue and purple egg with a palette and brush in his hands. A young girl stands behind the egg while a chick looks up at them both.

Creme-colored card, happy birthday card with child's face inside flower.

A color photography taken by H. W. Hannau of Daytona Beach, Fl. The exact location is the Municipal park in Daytona Beach when the photo is described to have blue skys, white sand, and the visibility of the Boardwalk. There is a clock tower that can…

The color-added illustration is mainly focused on a pelican. The pelican is standing on a wall near the ocean. The pelican has two webbed feet and his feathers are predominantly gray in color on his body. Closer to his head they are white and black…

The postcard depicts the Times Building in New York.

This is an image about a man, who is staring into the camera. He is dressed in a suit and has his hair tidy. There is a background drop for the photo, but has limited effect.

A man in a suit stares into camera. There is a back drop and the man is standing. The image is in black and white. The photo takes over a little bit more than half of the card and the rest is free space.
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