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Black and white photo taken from between trees, overlooking Lake Arrowhead in California.

A man in the west leans on one of his two donkeys as he stares off into the sunset.

Ariel view of the building, the Hotel New Yorker

This closer look at Cinderella's Castle in the evening allows you to see illuminated areas within. Almost bare tree branches frame the castle within the photo, giving the card a more haunted display opposed to the Disney original, Fantasyland.

There are different colors present in this portrait. The most stark being grayish black, brown and clay red and orange. We are awarded a most surreal, serene and spectacular vista. Mesas and flat top mountains reign from the foreground to the…

The spectacle within the image showcases a gorge of rocks, similar to a ravine. There are walls of rocks that zig and zag around each other forming a twisting path that is split by water. On the top of these walls and cliffs are abundant growths of…

The setting is a large cave of rock. The stone rises and spreads around horizontally and vertically forming a cylindrical space of stone. The stones are black and glistening yellow. From an outcropping lip of brown rock at the top of the image, a…

In the wild forests and wilderness a rushing torrent of water flows freely and with no constraints as it bursts out of what appears to be a hollow.In the distance are looming trees and flooding greens. Surrounding the plants are stone walls and…

On a beautiful and glorious day white clouds float in a blue sky. Trees extend their branches towards the heavens. An imperial castle looms in majestic might. Its spires are topped in gold and bronze and blue metal. Below at its foot are groups of…
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