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A road can be made out alongside a cliff in the lower portion of the illustration. Greenery covers a portion of a grey cliff.

A picture of a canyon covered in trees. There is a river running toward the foreground of the picture.

A large rock protrudes from the side of the road. there is some shrubbery in the background. The road passes between the rock and the cliff, which is to the right.

A women's baseball league gathers together to take a team picture. A man is in the middle of them for the black and white photo with baseball gloves and bats around the front row of people.

A man and a woman sit on a bench in front of water. The picture is mostly colorized except for the man and the woman themselves. There is water and rocks in the background, suggesting they are at a beach or a larger body of water.

A sepia-toned photograph of a building. There are several staircases leading up to the building, which has roman columns across the front. Another building is in the background with several stories of windows.

A white gate is in the foreground while trees line the drive that the gate opens to. In the background, a house can be vaguely made out.

An illustrated picture with a bridge extending from the foreground to the background. A train passes under the bridge, and trees line the background of the picture.

A bridge extends over a river. There are trees in the foreground and park benches in a grassy area. There is a walkway running perpendicular to the bridge.
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