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This postcard shows a an orange and yellow view of the sunset and ocean through a group of shadowed palm trees.

A giant building with dozens of glass panes holds up an upper building with large murals decorating its front. The building sits beneath a night sky lit by a bright moon.

A long row of fishing boats float by a scenic pier side. Several black cars along with beach houses can be seen in the background. A line of trees scents the background with an evening or twilight light above it all.

A tall tower with balconies on all four sides overlooks a lake and a rural landscape. The few buildings that can be seen are houses and a large warhouse.

Independence Hall stands behind a statue and a cluster of tall green trees.

Scene overlooking a busy street in Boston with the Boston Public Library as the center focus. Among buildings to the right and left of the library is a bell tower and church to the right of the library.

An important building in Washington D. C.

Painting of a view high above overlooking trees, houses, and Seneca Lake.

Painting looking down an old street called Wickham Avenue. Linden Hall first building on the right.
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