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Depicted on this postcard we see a mash up of real-life images and art. There are nine African- American children sitting on an extremely large alligator in the middle of a body of water that appears to be a lake or river. The children seemed to be…

A quote by Th. Moore is written on a banner spanning the bottom half of the card. Above the banner, a large three-leaf clover (surrounded by many other smaller three-leaf clovers) contains two arms reaching to the center for a metal object…

A group of four men and one woman play golf on a large green.
Trees can be seen in the distance, with several red-roofed buildings beyond.

Two African American men pinning down an alligator and pulling its mouth open. It looks as if they are in a park with grass and palm trees along with other trees and flowers.

Pictured are three children (one boy and two girls) leaning up against a white wall. The children's clothing is colorful, mismatched, patched and raggedy. They all have mischievous smiles.

The greeting takes up most of the card but there is a small illustration of bridge and waterway with the sun beaming in the background.

A vase with purple flowers is surrounded by a gold, embossed border with pink flowers surrounding it. The greeting is "May happiness attend you to day and ever."

A blurb of sentimental poetry intended to wish someone a happy birthday. Uses a font that mimics fonts used in illuminated manuscripts, and uses initials and illustrated borders. Decorated with floral border and uses bright colors.

This postcard features a man and woman conversing and holding hands in a field. The woman is wearing a long black skirt with a white ruffled blouse, while the man is wearing a cream colored button down and pants with a green tie as well as a white…
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