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A pig rests in a jack-in-the-box holding a paper sign. In front of the box three four-leaf clovers lie while bells are displayed at the top of the card.

Purple flowers tied by a purple ribbon intertwine with a horseshoe adorned with daisies.

An illustration of flowers and a smaller illustration of the bank of a small pond/lake are placed over a wicker background.

Holly plants are drawn around an ovular illustration of a snow-coated town. Gold detail is placed in the greeting as well as within the drawing.

A girl rests on roses and vines as she reaches out to a blue butterfly.

A text border surrounds an embossed birthday greeting.

A short greeting lies beneath an illustration of a winter day. Trees and mountains are seen in the distance and a waterway surrounded by banks of snow is in the foreground. The image is surrounded by illustrations of holly plants.

A patterned border and gold lining surrounds an illustration of blue forget-me-not flowers and leaves. Below the floral drawing is a message of greeting.

A blue border and illustrated floral designs surround a circular drawing of a hill with a building and trees.

This post card has an illustration of a small building and trees in the center with flowers surrounding it. It is blue bordered with two…
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