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A large silver cross is adorned with leaves and purple flowers. Three cream-colored roses appear on each corner of the card, and the card's background is a purple to pale yellow gradient.

A girl leans out of a windowsill to see another child playing an instrument (banjo) on the ground below. Illustrated hearts fall from the windowpane and a large heart is shown behind the glass of the window.

A full-length mirror takes up the left side of the card. The mirror shows a small road surrounded by greenery on the upper half, but does not show an reflection on the lower half. Several flowers are placed next to the mirror image along with a…

A man and woman link hands in front of a heart-shaped floral border.

A quote by Th. Moore is written on a banner spanning the bottom half of the card. Above the banner, a large three-leaf clover (surrounded by many other smaller three-leaf clovers) contains two arms reaching to the center for a metal object…

A small illustration of a snowy winter day lies in the upper left of the photo. A branch of holly adorns the bottom half of the card.

Holly peeks out from behind illustrated parchment paper that holds the card's Christmas greeting. On the bottom portion of the card a home surrounded by snow is present. The card also has a textured finish and a clean border.

A small illustration of a home in a snowy field adorns the upper left corner of this card; accompanied by a printed new years' greeting on the right hand side.

Two large vines with blooming white flowers are illustrated on the sides of the card along with a large pink egg in the foreground. Two rabbits are drawn on the bottom right side of the card.
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