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This postcard features a woman wearing a traditional long dress of the era along with gloves, and a large hat. She also appears to be holding a parasol.
A man is looking at the woman at the door, while the woman he is sitting next to is looking at cupid. It seems that the woman feels foolish for trusting a man when she knew that he would look at other women.
A man is with a woman, and sees another woman. It seems that he is very interested in her and wants to be with her instead of the woman he is with as he leans towards her. The woman with the man looks jealous and annoyed with the man and clenches on…
A man is signaling to a young boy to get out of his office because he is "busy". There is also a woman sitting next to the man working on the typewriter. The woman is looking away, while the young boy is pointing his finger at them.
A man is sitting in what is presumably the living room, holding his two newborn children in his lap. He looks exhausted, and there is a fire burning in the background.
A little girl is spying on her mother and father who are snuggling on a chair. The couple are looking at the camera, smiling.

This is a black and white image. In the background is a picture hanging on the wall of mountains and water.
A man and a woman in red are seen embracing one another on a rock with trees and a charming pink house in the background.
A man and a woman are sitting in a living room on a green couch. The woman seems bored or sad. While the man looks surprised, he is seen covering his mouth with his hand and looking at the cockatoo. There is a cockatoo that seemed to have said,…
A young man is being embraced by two women in a garden. One woman is wearing a pink dress, and the other is wearing a blue shirt with a long blue skirt. The man in a green suit, seems to be enjoying the attention and company from the two beautiful…
A man and a woman are standing next to one another. The man, wearing a suit and holding a white hat, is looking at the woman, smiling. The woman, wearing a long white dress, a sun hat, and holding a purse and a closed umbrella, is looking away,…
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