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Holly peeks out from behind illustrated parchment paper that holds the card's Christmas greeting. On the bottom portion of the card a home surrounded by snow is present. The card also has a textured finish and a clean border.
A man is looking at the woman at the door, while the woman he is sitting next to is looking at cupid. It seems that the woman feels foolish for trusting a man when she knew that he would look at other women.
A man is signaling to a young boy to get out of his office because he is "busy". There is also a woman sitting next to the man working on the typewriter. The woman is looking away, while the young boy is pointing his finger at them.
A man and a woman in red are seen embracing one another on a rock with trees and a charming pink house in the background.
A young man is being embraced by two women in a garden. One woman is wearing a pink dress, and the other is wearing a blue shirt with a long blue skirt. The man in a green suit, seems to be enjoying the attention and company from the two beautiful…
A romantic greeting card complimenting the receiver of the card that they are sweeter than the "sweetest blossoms". There is a man and a woman embracing one another and sharing a kiss, surrounded by numerous colorful blossoms.
In this postcard, a man appears kneeling on a wooden bench, kissing the check of a woman standing behind the bench. The woman is dressed in dress and has her hair pulled to the side.
A man sits on a stool attempting to iron and sew with the caption "A NICE GIRL COULD DO WONDERS FOR ME." The non-user added text is in red ink, with the first letter of each word capitalized and in yellow. The iron and the thread lie on the floor at…
A man pushes a woman in a wheel barrow that appears to be holding several expensive gifts. The man seems exasperated by desperate to please his wife/girlfriend. The man wears a green hat, a red shirt with white circles, blue pants, and brown shoes.…
A humorous depiction of three people. A woman is pointing at a couple. The couple is a man and a woman who are playing piggy-back. They are all in park, in the midst of trees. The woman on the man's back is laughing. The woman pointing is trying not…
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