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Two actors dress in Shakespearian garb gesture to their audience--an audience that entirely full.
An actor plays an older man, perhaps a soldier, that seems to be giving wise advice to a boy and another man less well-dress than himself. The boy and the man seems to be laughing.
This post card depicts purple, pink, and red flowers against blue backdrop
This postcard seems only to be a portrait of a woman in a graduate's cap and gown.
This postcard simply shows a picture of an large old church with 3 visbile entrances and a bell tower. A carriage is seen off to the right.
This postcard shows a strange picture of two men, two women, and a baby all outside trying to force a giant turnip into a cellar. Around them are a bunch of other gigantic root vegetables like onions, turnips, and potatoes.
This postcard has a painted picture a bunch of violet flowers.
A little girl is drawn and looks like she getting ready, fixing her dress. I framed picture behind her says "You had better hurry," and across the bottom of the postcard it says "O gee! Why ain't I a boy?"
Shown on this card's front is a painting of a basket of pink and yellow flowers. The flowers look like roses and the handle of the basket has a big blue bow tied to it. Next to the painting of the basket a short little poem about friendship.
This postcard shows a view of the Illinois Central Bridge from a vantage point on a shore.
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