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On the post card we see a very large alter, which not only contains large gold musical instrument known as an organ but majority of the alter is covered by a choir of men and women dressed in black and white garments. The rest of the church is empty.…

The main focus on this postcard is a large church, its labeled as a science church. The building itself is accumulated around an entire block. There are some thin trees lining the building as well as a nice blue skyline behind the church.

Large white pillars are the greeting to the entrance of this mansion, we have a driveway as well that seems to wrap around the entire front. There are three children on the grass area next to the driveway. We have some large trees covering most of…

On the top we have a colorful desert scene with bright green cactus's and a trail that seems to be leading towards the top of the mountain on the bottom we have a poem consisting of where the west begins.

This post card depicts purple, pink, and red flowers against blue backdrop

This postcard seems only to be a portrait of a woman in a graduate's cap and gown.

This postcard simply shows a picture of an large old church with 3 visbile entrances and a bell tower. A carriage is seen off to the right.

This postcard shows a strange picture of two men, two women, and a baby all outside trying to force a giant turnip into a cellar. Around them are a bunch of other gigantic root vegetables like onions, turnips, and potatoes.

This postcard has a painted picture a bunch of violet flowers.
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