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Here we have the Westminster Abbey a gothic Catholic church. The size of the church is massive. The front entrance is very well displayed with huge pillars on each side and such fine detail from the cravings on the side to the top pillar points.

Here we see a large section of the bridge it takes up majority of the post card. We also have a background covered by a gloomy lake, There seems to be a person standing on the bottom edge of the supporting beam. There are some trees and what seems to…

Here we are looking at a large landscape of the Bryce Canyons located in Utah. There is a bit of greengage towards the back of the card, but the main focus is the gagged mountain terrain.

On the front side of this card we are looking at the National Art Gallery located in Washington D.C. The tone of this post card is sepia, we have majority of the card covered by a wide skyline with few clouds. Then the bottom half of the card is…

On the bottom of the postcard, we have a scene which entails a cowboy on his horse and he is jumping in the air around the horse we have many cattle grazing on the grass it seems like he is trying to herd the cows together with the horse. On the top…

Over the vase mountain range we see a pink sunset with a clear sky. A large lake is surrounding the landscape is a large lake with lush green land around it. There seems to only be one house throughout this mountain range with a large white fence.…

The church is very large with roman architecture with large and colorful stainless windows greeting the entrance of the church. Toward the back left side there is a large bell tower.

A state hospital that is made of red brick is towered over a small entry way with some green grass. The hospital is covered in green vines almost reaching the top.

A western scene with a dirt road being highway No. 10 there is a steep hill on the left of the post card with one large white picket sign stating that this is a lookout pass. On top of the hill there is green terrain leading to a larger mountain in…
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