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This postcard seems only to be a portrait of a woman in a graduate's cap and gown.

A positively themed card accented with vines, leaves, and flowers in the upper right border.

A leather card with a well dressed man and woman lightly embracing each other.

The card features a blonde cherub siting under a pink rose bush in a heart shaped border. In the cherub's hands are two different kinds of microphones and in his lap

Two blue birds with orange feathered undersides fly over a grassy, flowery, plain with a single house and giant tree.

The Ruby Diamond Concert Hall stands behind an ornate archway. The building is surrounded by trees and greenery with a single car driving out of the center archway.

Creme-colored card, sephia photo, old FSU campus. This postcard shows the original FSU campus that was open only to women throughout the early 1900's. One can see that the street the photo was taken on is Wescott and the fountain is visible with a…

Creme-colored card, illustration of music room in a house.

Creme-colored card, black and white, old illustration of a library
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