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The setting takes place on a body of water. There is a boat gliding on the water as it conducts a tour. It is full of passengers who look at their surroundings in awe. The principle subjects are the hippopotami, whose heads are eagerly swarming…

Several families are walking down a busy thoroughfare. The main figures who stand out are a family of three. A delighted mother dressed all in red walks happily with her husband who pushes their baby in a stroller with an adorable blue tarp to…

This postcard shows a woman peeling potato's. There are also large bags of potato's surrounding her. In the background a woman can be seen driving an army truck through the field.

This postcard depicts a group of female soldiers in uniform performing army drills. There is a building in the background with an American flag flying.

This postcard is divided into five mini sections. The first section contains a female going through a filing cabinet throwing papers around. The second frame shows a women typing vigorously on a typewriter. The next three panels show the women…

This postcard depicts both men and women in full army uniforms. There are two women sitting on a bench while the men pay all their attention to the female soldier. The two women in the benches seem jealous of the soldier.

A female soldier dressed in full army uniform is walking down a field. She is in a athletic position and her eyes are closed.

A group of female soldiers packed into a large army truck. The driver seems to be driving erratically and there is smoke spewing from the back tires. The driver is looking back at the passengers in the bed of the truck.

A female soldier dressed in uniform is sitting on a bed with her feet inside a water bucket. There is water spilled on the floor and she seems to be very warm
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