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This post card shows a highway marker at the summit of Berthoud Pass. In the distance there is a snowy plain of trees and mountains. The marker itself is a stone with a black plaque on it as well as two signs, one on each side of the marker.

This post card shows an image of a high lined with tall pointed boulders.

On this post card we are shown a tunnel formed by rocks and surrounded by trees.

The front of the post card features an illustrated image of Chimney Rock, Lake lure, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Piedmont plain in North Carolina. The image places most of its focus on Chimney Rock. At the top of Chimney Rock there is a very…

This postcard shows the view from the highest point on the Lincoln Highway. We are shown a skyline with mountains and green valleys in the distance. Directly at the focal point of the picture are two trees.

This post card shows an illustration of Pigeon River. The image shows a cliff with a river below it and a small red roof cabin.

The illustration on this post card depicts the newfound gap highway. Mountains and trees can be seen around the highway.

Pictured on this post card is an illustration of the grand canyon with a beautiful skyline, forest and a beautiful waterfall.

In this image we are shown a woman at the top of Lookout Mountain looking through an observational lens. In the distance we are shown a sea of trees and a multicolored sky. The top of the mountain has what appears to be a compass drawn on it which is…
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