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This post card shows a highway marker at the summit of Berthoud Pass. In the distance there is a snowy plain of trees and mountains. The marker itself is a stone with a black plaque on it as well as two signs, one on each side of the marker.

This post card illustrates the Eagle Gate towards the state capital of Salt Lake City Utah. The gate has a arch that leads up into the image of an eagle. Trees trail the sides of the opening with buildings along its sides and the capitol building in…

The image depicts Devil's Tower in Wyoming. Devil's tower is shown as being a large natural formation, specifically a butte, which is a type of hill that has steep sides and a flat top. It is off in the distance and makes up the background portion of…

The front on the post card features a brightly colored illustration of the Barry Statue and Independence Hall, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the illustration, Independence Hall is centered and makes up the majority of the background. It…

As the sun sets in the background,giving the sky a glow, the Washingtion monument stands tall as it can be seen from varius points in the city.

The color illustration post card consists of the Liberty Bell front and center on a hanging stand for display. There are two plaques on either side of the bell and the notorious crack is visible in the photo. There is also writing that can be seen on…

A black and white photograph or the entrance to the Mersey Tunnel in Liverpool. It shows a scene of buildings and a look at the city buildings behind the tunnel. To the left there are two smoke chimneys. To the right on the horizon you can see taller…

A hand-colored depiction of the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.
Located at 2 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20024, the Washington Monument is a 555-foot tall marble obelisk that honors the memory of our first president, George Washington.…

A hand-colored image of the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.
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