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This post card depicts purple, pink, and red flowers against blue backdrop

This postcard has a painted picture a bunch of violet flowers.

Shown on this card's front is a painting of a basket of pink and yellow flowers. The flowers look like roses and the handle of the basket has a big blue bow tied to it. Next to the painting of the basket a short little poem about friendship.

This postcard depicts a painting of a pink flower with a green center. Underneath the flower is a poem. The postcard itself is tattered, missing a large part of one corner and a little bit of another corner.

Several purple and yellow flowers adorn the card with their leaves trailing behind them.

A flower with dozens of little details is shown at the center of the card with a light spray of pink coloring part of the flower petals.

A a gold and red border with red roses on each side of it contains a scene at the center of the card. The scene shows a snowy road with a guard rail leading up to a cluster of houses and trees with a child dragging a sled along the road.

A flowery visage of a young girl admires a flower in her hand in the top left corner of the card. In the bottom left center and upper right center are two masses of different colored flowers connected to each other through thin green vines.

A large pink flower hangs over the side of a stone wall while being connected to a pink flower bud and two other pink flowers through a thick, leafy stem.
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