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The image depicts Devil's Tower in Wyoming. Devil's tower is shown as being a large natural formation, specifically a butte, which is a type of hill that has steep sides and a flat top. It is off in the distance and makes up the background portion of…

The front of this post card features a colored photograph of two women and a child on the Musa Isle Indian Village in Miami, Florida. In the photograph, the two women and the child are front and centered. The are both rather young, maybe in their…

The image on the front of the post card is a color-added photograph that presents a wooded park. In the middle of the image there is a long and narrow path. On either side of the path there are countless trees and bushes that range in shape, size,…

The image on this post card is of the green benches in St. Petersburg Florida. This is a very colorful image of people young and old sitting on the green benches. There are several buildings along side the road as well as several cars.

In this image we are shown a woman at the top of Lookout Mountain looking through an observational lens. In the distance we are shown a sea of trees and a multicolored sky. The top of the mountain has what appears to be a compass drawn on it which is…

The photograph depicts an old, two story white house that is located in the country side of Franconia, New Hampshire. The house has a front porch with a few rocking chairs, four tall white columns, and a chimney located on the top left of the roof.…

Pictured are man and woman relaxing in front of the Clearwater beach in a grassy area that has tables and chairs.

With the blue ocean pictured in the background, we can see a picnic area where a family of five (man, woman, one boy, and two girls) is eating at a picnic table and two other people (man and woman) preparing to go fishing behind them.

Pictured on this post card is a Seminole indian family looking off into the distance. There are three huts behind them along with a lot of greenery/ trees
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