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This postcard seems only to be a portrait of a woman in a graduate's cap and gown.
This postcard shows a strange picture of two men, two women, and a baby all outside trying to force a giant turnip into a cellar. Around them are a bunch of other gigantic root vegetables like onions, turnips, and potatoes.
A woman sits posing with a violin. She looks like she is playing the violin.
A man and woman dressed finely and holding hands walk through the trees near a river. The woman holds an armful of flowers and the man holds the woman's frilly umbrella. beneath the scene of the man and woman, there are lyrics from a song written in…
Two women pose for a photograph with a backdrop of a terrace and curtains behind them. One sits in a chair and one stands with her hand on the other's shoulder. Both wear simple black or grey skirts with a white blouse.
A small golden border with two bundles of purple flowers sits in front of a light colored wood background. In the gold border is the portrait of a well dressed woman with a fancy floral hat.
A woman leans against a wooden fence while a man holds her from behind on the other side of the fence. A vast scene of green trees stretches out behind them.
An actor playing an old man sitting in a chair speaks to a young women kneeling beside him
Woman in tunic sitting posing for photo, staring away from camera
A woman wearing a stylish hat, coat , gloves and tie sits on top of a large suitcase. She is leaning on a smaller suitcase with one arm and resting her head on her hand.
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