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The scene is very historical. It transports those in the photo and those who experienced it into another era, one in which Colonial America and the Founding Fathers reigned. There are buildings possessing the stately architecture of that period…

The United States of America flag and the WWI Red Cross Flag cross each other. The Holy Bible is open between the flags. There are cornucopias under both flags. The post card is in good condition.

The front of the card displays two European generals shaking hands.

Faded yellow post card that depicts a battle or training session being carried out by U.S. troops.

This black and white photographic postcard depicts the remains of "De Leugenboon", a German 350mm cannon used in WWI. The back is filled with small script and double stamped.

An image of a black and white scene of several U.S. Navy boats and planes in Key West.

An image of many male sailors in a bar in uniform, talking and drinking. In the middle stands one playing a guitar.

A portrait of a solider holding his rifle and staring into the distance.

The card depicts a color photograph of American soldiers standing atop concrete rubble. The card is in excellent condition.
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