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A scene of a setting sun over a rural country side with two houses and many roaming sheep sits in the center of the card. The scene is surrounded by a gold border which is also surrounded by vines with leaves sprouting all over them. The leaves and…

Two blue birds with orange feathered undersides fly over a grassy, flowery, plain with a single house and giant tree.

The spectacle within the image showcases a gorge of rocks, similar to a ravine. There are walls of rocks that zig and zag around each other forming a twisting path that is split by water. On the top of these walls and cliffs are abundant growths of…

On a beautiful and glorious day white clouds float in a blue sky. Trees extend their branches towards the heavens. An imperial castle looms in majestic might. Its spires are topped in gold and bronze and blue metal. Below at its foot are groups of…

We get a grand aerial view of a park and its attractions. A large array of clustered buildings, hundreds of parked vehicles, a grand curving roadway, trees, and rides can be seen encompassing the grand scale of the property. Gorgeously juxtaposing…

Between river carved walls of rock flows a grey and serene body of water. In the back reign towering green trees. The scene is the epitome of tranquility.

A very scenic sight encapsulates the image. Verdant greenery describes the picture in absolute accuracy. There are flowers that resemble toadstools on the lower right of the image. Trees are on all sides as are their green branches and shoots. There…

Creme-colored card, illustration of waterfall

creme-colored card. This card shows Linden Hall located in Middletown NY. The illustration has color added to it and the postcard also contains other buildings surrounding the Halls.
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