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The spectacle within the image showcases a gorge of rocks, similar to a ravine. There are walls of rocks that zig and zag around each other forming a twisting path that is split by water. On the top of these walls and cliffs are abundant growths of…

The setting is a large cave of rock. The stone rises and spreads around horizontally and vertically forming a cylindrical space of stone. The stones are black and glistening yellow. From an outcropping lip of brown rock at the top of the image, a…

In the wild forests and wilderness a rushing torrent of water flows freely and with no constraints as it bursts out of what appears to be a hollow.In the distance are looming trees and flooding greens. Surrounding the plants are stone walls and…

It is the heart of winter and the great waterfalls known as Watkins Glen are submerged in ice and the rushes of water are caught in time as enormous icicles. Snow lines the stones that serve as the avenues for the water. Yet the trees are ever green…

Very looming and imposing walls of rock give way to white and blue streams of water that have cut pathways through their stone layers. The water pours forth in tiers before finally being deposited in a pool below. Towards the highest point of the…

Between river carved walls of rock flows a grey and serene body of water. In the back reign towering green trees. The scene is the epitome of tranquility.

An old fashioned steamboat is cruising on a body of water. A large throng of passengers possess each of its teeming three decks. In the foreground are lovely flower beds. The one to the right houses red ones and a sprouting tree. The ones on the edge…

Men practicing for crossing rivers in Europe using barges for transporting vehicles and tanks.

Creme-colored card, art piece
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