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The scene is very historical. It transports those in the photo and those who experienced it into another era, one in which Colonial America and the Founding Fathers reigned. There are buildings possessing the stately architecture of that period…

Animatronic bears covered in fur are performing on a stage. There are twelve bears on the stage. The primary focus is three bears singing from left to right. They are distinguished for their light sky blue shirts and bonnets. They are also evidently…

A portrait of a woman or girl with blond hair, she has a big dark pink down in her hair. She has a blue dress on with white and pink flowers. She also has a pearl necklace on. She is holding a violin and looking at a piece of sheet music.

This informational postcard offers insights on the life and talents of Alec Templeton, a leading piano impressionist.

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A young blonde woman joyfully holds a violin, incorrectly.

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Copper card with a world famous organ imprinted onto it. This organ is located in Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The envelope has a black and white Illustration that depicts Bessie Smith and Blues singers singing.

The envelope has a black and white illustration with "Ma" Rainey and a jazz band.

The envelope has an illustration of five African-American Blues and Jazz singers, three are women and two are men.
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