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Here we are looking at a large landscape of the Bryce Canyons located in Utah. There is a bit of greengage towards the back of the card, but the main focus is the gagged mountain terrain.

Over the vase mountain range we see a pink sunset with a clear sky. A large lake is surrounding the landscape is a large lake with lush green land around it. There seems to only be one house throughout this mountain range with a large white fence.…

On the top we have a colorful desert scene with bright green cactus's and a trail that seems to be leading towards the top of the mountain on the bottom we have a poem consisting of where the west begins.

There are different colors present in this portrait. The most stark being grayish black, brown and clay red and orange. We are awarded a most surreal, serene and spectacular vista. Mesas and flat top mountains reign from the foreground to the…

Creme-colored card, illustration of waterfall

A stone wall acts as an entrance to a mountain in the background. There is a mountain with umbrellas on either side in the foreground.

White- colored card, colorful illustration of a mountain

Creme-colored card, cave and huge rocks, tree.

A couple carries their baby through the desert. The woman holds the child while riding on the horse's back and the man walks beside the horse
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