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Creme colored card, illustration of man with donkeys

A circular portrait of a man and a woman overlays a scene of a river and some greenery. Bright pinks and purples colorize the area around the portrait.

A female army officer holds hands with fellow patriots

A man dressed in blue robes stands with his hands raised. Two men stand behind him watching.

A couple carries their baby through the desert. The woman holds the child while riding on the horse's back and the man walks beside the horse

A black and white illustration of a man and a woman in a field. There are birds behind them.

A man and a woman sit on a bench in front of water. The picture is mostly colorized except for the man and the woman themselves. There is water and rocks in the background, suggesting they are at a beach or a larger body of water.

Man and woman hold each other while standing by a car.

Man and woman sit at a table
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