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Independence Hall stands behind a statue and a cluster of tall green trees.

Scene overlooking a busy street in Boston with the Boston Public Library as the center focus. Among buildings to the right and left of the library is a bell tower and church to the right of the library.

A natural rock formation bridge arches over a road. The moon is above it and trees surround the sides of the road.

A creek flows under a rock formation that has eroded into a natural bridge. A small walkway is the right of it with yellow railing between the two.

A large-scale view of a canyon. The horizon can be seen in the background.

A large rock protrudes from the side of the road. there is some shrubbery in the background. The road passes between the rock and the cliff, which is to the right.

This postcard is a view of a shrine for Mary. It features the shrine in the center of the card with a green hill behind it and a blue sky dotted with white/cream clouds. The shrine lies in the foreground/ middle ground of the photo and features a…

This card is a color added image of the Banquet Hall in George Washington's home in Mt. Vernon. This image showcases the home's fireplace, table and various portraits in the home, as well as a mirror and various home accesories.

Pictured is the senior hall men's dormitory at Florida state university.
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