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Here we see a large section of the bridge it takes up majority of the post card. We also have a background covered by a gloomy lake, There seems to be a person standing on the bottom edge of the supporting beam. There are some trees and what seems to…

Over the vase mountain range we see a pink sunset with a clear sky. A large lake is surrounding the landscape is a large lake with lush green land around it. There seems to only be one house throughout this mountain range with a large white fence.…

A tall tower with balconies on all four sides overlooks a lake and a rural landscape. The few buildings that can be seen are houses and a large warhouse.

Painting of a view high above overlooking trees, houses, and Seneca Lake.

Black and white photo taken from between trees, overlooking Lake Arrowhead in California.

The image is fixed in the center of an orange background. The background is comprised of bleached and highlighted orange swirls that give off the semblance of patterns commonly seen on wooden surfaces. The photograph within this details two large…

The setting is a grand canyon. The layers of earth and sediment are reddish and orange. There appear to be sporadic growths of green and gray on the surface of the stone. They could be clumps of vegetation or patches of mold and fungus from the…

We get a grand aerial view of a park and its attractions. A large array of clustered buildings, hundreds of parked vehicles, a grand curving roadway, trees, and rides can be seen encompassing the grand scale of the property. Gorgeously juxtaposing…

Below is a grand aerial view of a dense and populated landscape. In the foreground as well as constituting most of the image is a luscious body of serene deep blue water. There is a stone strip that bears tropical palm trees. There is a stream ship…
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