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A a gold and red border with red roses on each side of it contains a scene at the center of the card. The scene shows a snowy road with a guard rail leading up to a cluster of houses and trees with a child dragging a sled along the road.

A scene of a setting sun over a rural country side with two houses and many roaming sheep sits in the center of the card. The scene is surrounded by a gold border which is also surrounded by vines with leaves sprouting all over them. The leaves and…

Two blue birds with orange feathered undersides fly over a grassy, flowery, plain with a single house and giant tree.

Vines cover the sides of a barn that has three tresses in front. There is a staircase leading to side entrance to the left of the building.

A house built into a side of a mountain with trees and shrubbery surrounding it. A few people are sitting on the deck of the house.

Creme-colored card, illustration of music room in a house.

black and white, creme colored card. Illustration of an old kitchen

A white gate is in the foreground while trees line the drive that the gate opens to. In the background, a house can be vaguely made out.

The front of the post card features a black and white photograph of the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg, Virginia. The "palace" is a very large three story house with a flattened roof and a tower sticking out of the top. The tower on the roof is…
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