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Features a tall building with many floors and a unique geometric design.

A black and white photograph of a hotel in North Carolina. The hotel looks to have about 13 floors. The photo is taken across the street from the hotel.

The postcard features the Hotel New Yorker front and centered. The hotel is shown as being several stories high and has evident signs of falling under the Art Deco category of architecture. There are several other building shown in the background and…

This post card depicts photographs of the dinning area and the bar area of the "Palmer House". Although both of the rooms are empty we are given the sense of a presence from the set tables and the fully stocked bar.

The image shows the Hotel New Yorker front and centered. There are several other large buildings surrounding the hotel, however there is very little focus placed on them. On the streets surrounding the hotel, there are several vehicles and people…

The photograph shows a Miami street lined with several cars which all appear to be from the 1940s. The street is also lined with several tall palm trees and a few large white hotels with many floors. The sky behind the hotels is clear and blue with…

The post card is a color photo showing The Fontainbleau hotel that is located on Miami Beach. The location of the strip that the hotel is located on appears to be separated from the mainland by a body of water. The hotel is the center of the postcard…

The postcard features the Hotel New Yorker front and centered. The building is several stories high and is depicted as being yellow in color, with the base shown as being white. The hotel is surrounded by other less vibrant skyscrapers. On the…

This post card depicts the Hotel Berwick that is located in Berwick Pennsylvania. There is a church that is located directly to the left of this hotel. There are no signs of people in this illustration but the five story hotel takes up the rest of…
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