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Scene overlooking a busy street in Boston with the Boston Public Library as the center focus. Among buildings to the right and left of the library is a bell tower and church to the right of the library.
An aerial view of the medical ward of Pine Camp. One can see the the owner of the postcard made some handwritten labels so that we may see what each buildings purpose is.
A ground-level view of the hospital in Pine Camp N.Y. The hospital rooms are made of wood and are painted in green and white.
An aerial view of Pine Camp N.Y. This was an area where soldiers would become knowledgable on tank warfare.
A color-added illustration of the Lewis and Clark Memorial Building. People are standing outside of the building, while others are walking in.
The officers quarters for the 4th Armored division located in Pine Camp, N.Y.
The illustration on the front of the post card depicts the Post Office in Clearwater, Florida. The post office is a very large, white building with a red roof. There are several windows on all visible sides of the building. There is also a long stair…
The Bureau of Internal Revenue government building is massive in size with multiple floors and windows. The stone building takes up at least a block.
A black and white photo of the Linn County court house that shows the front of the building.
The color illustration post card consists of the Liberty Bell front and center on a hanging stand for display. There are two plaques on either side of the bell and the notorious crack is visible in the photo. There is also writing that can be seen on…
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