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Garden in Chicago on a sunny day.

This postcard is a color added scene of Uptown Park in Honesdale Pennsylvania. The park is filled with a multitude of trees and shrubbery. The park also has a tan reddish walkway the cuts through the bottom third of the card, and leads to various…

The front of the post card features an illustration of The St. Simons Methodist Church in St. Simons Island, Georgia. The church is shown as being white with stained glass windows on the front on either side of the main entrance, as well as on the…

The illustration depicts the Royal Governor's Palace in Williamsburg, Virginia, shown at a distance with an entrance gate in the foreground. The Governor's Palace appears to be beige in color and has a brown roof. It also has a gold and white…

Pictured is "Sunken Gardens" which beautiful pictured with its greenery and pop of red from the flowers amongst it.

The color illustrated photo depicts the Sunken Gardens at Garfield Park. In the background of the photo depicts a huge white and light blue building that can be accessed through walkways. The house is long with a blue roof and white pillars in the…

This postcard depicts a beautifully drawn area near a lake in a garden where Flamingos are abundant. There are beautiful flowers , trees and buildings in this scenery. There are ducks and swans in the lake as well as the flamingos. It is an ethereal…

This postcard depicts a vintage -looking couple gazing into each other's eyes as they lean against a tall bare tree. In the background we see a pretty, yet cloudy day and it seems as they are taking a stroll around a lake or park.

This post card depicts a very large and beautiful Southern styled house that is surrounded by a beautiful garden that has very colorful and vibrant bushes on each of its sides
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