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The principal subject is a fort. Its semblance is very military. It has a grand palisade made of wooden poles filed to points. On its left side are protruding poles that bear different flags. In the center of the camp on a very tall and imperial pole…

Pictured on this post card is a Seminole indian family looking off into the distance. There are three huts behind them along with a lot of greenery/ trees

A color illustration of the Fort Armstrong Memorial which was built in 1811. There are two cannons surrounding the erected plaque that has nine seen cannonballs on top. There is a railing that surrounds the plaque on both sides with a sidewalk that…

This post card depicts the Silver Chapel in Fort McClellan, Alabama. The chapel is located in a forest and there is a sunset that is in the background.

This post card shows the Fort Massachusetts on ship island. There is a pier placed towards the front and also has a large group of people who are either admiring the pier or walking towards it

An outside shot of the Gravensteen Castle in Belgium. The castle was built in 1180 during the Middle Ages.

This card contains an image with an airplane view of Fort Ticonderoga. The fort is located in New York and it shows the surrounding landscape, with the water and fort along with a large field. This is a white border card.

The front of the card pictures the tallest building in Chicago at the time, the Masonic Temple. There are small figures of people walking the sidewalk in front of the temple and tiny Model T's parked on the street to exemplify the size of the…

This is an image of the South Battery and flag bastion at Fort Ticonderoga in New York. There a several canons within the image, with the American flag situated in the middle on a pole.
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