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Pictured is various logs on the ground each in different positions. One log is broken and the pieces can be seen scattered amongst the others. in the distance we see clear blue skies, hills, and dirt.

This post card includes a color-added photo of Death Valley, California. The background appears to show mountains or mounds of what appears to be sand or land. There are array of plants scattered across the photo both in the front and in the…

There is a boy and a child sitting in the desert by some old-looking buildings. There is a man riding a jackass a couple of feet behind the boy and child. The postcard is a bit burned at the bottom.

A photo of "The Big Blue" Baker Service Station in Baker, California.

This postcard is an image of the Watson Lake Signposts. The signposts consist of all different colors, placed on what looks like a white fence. The ground looks as if it is dirt, rather than grass. There is a mountain pictured in the background. The…

This card presents a scenic view of an old stone fort that resembles a castle tower. It is situated on a cliff that overlooks the Grand Canyon. Many trees surround the bottom of the fort. The sky in the background is clear except for one small cloud…

This card features an illustration of a large group of robed men riding camels through a mountainous desert. The men and their camels walk in front of a tall, jagged rock formation.

The image shows a woman dressed in, what appears to be, Native American clothing, sitting on the side of a cliff. The Grand Canyon looms in the background.

This postcard displays Superstition Mountain located in Arizona, it gets its name from being the subject of many Indian legends. In the left foreground are saguaro cactus blossoms, the state flower of Arizona.
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