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Within a floral border a man and woman share a kiss in a kitchen while the woman stirs a pot on a portable stove.
A circular portrait of a man and a woman overlays a scene of a river and some greenery. Bright pinks and purples colorize the area around the portrait.
A black and white illustration of a man and a woman in a field. There are birds behind them.
A man and a woman sit on a bench in front of water. The picture is mostly colorized except for the man and the woman themselves. There is water and rocks in the background, suggesting they are at a beach or a larger body of water.
Against clear skies and the beautiful ocean in the background, illustrated is a large amount of people enjoying a day at the amusement center.
The front of the post card features a color-added photograph of a heterosexual couple. In the upper right hand side of the card there is Dutch writing that reads "Vroolÿk Paaschfeest", which translates to "Happy Ester". The letters of the text are in…
The image on the front of the post card is a color-added photograph that presents a wooded park. In the middle of the image there is a long and narrow path. On either side of the path there are countless trees and bushes that range in shape, size,…
With the blue ocean pictured in the background, we can see a picnic area where a family of five (man, woman, one boy, and two girls) is eating at a picnic table and two other people (man and woman) preparing to go fishing behind them.
This postcard depicts a couple. The woman in the picture is sitting on the swing, the swing has flowers going down the ropes. Behind the woman is a young man gazing at her lovingly.
Five children dressed in vibrant horizontal stripped clothing, with no shoes, on a stage as the adults stand behind them with stern faces. Each child wears a different facial expression and poses in a unique manner.
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