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A large tree stands atop a snowy hill with some trees and homes located just below. The scene rests under a starry night sky.

A mistletoe adorns the center of the card with a church spire above it being illuminated by a golden star. The Mistletoe is connected to several white stars in a long chain. The top right color is shaded pinkish red and the bottom left corner is a…

A young boy greets a young girl with his hat off on a snowy landscape with trees and a single house roof in the background

A Christmas themed holiday card with a red lined border. An image in the top center o the card depicts Santa Claus standing on top of a brick house roof with a golden moon and white wispy clouds behind him.

Christmas greeting card with portrait of a man in the middle, framed in holly, torch on each side

A Merry Christmas postcard with holly branches surrounding a book on the left side.

A Christmas card with print greeting on the front and a shield shaped picture of two girls in white playing with holly.

There is a illustration depicting of a living room decorated for Christmas. There is a fireplace with a warm fire and a comfortable chair facing away from it. The illustration has more detail on the right-hand side and fades the further you go left.…

A Christmas greeting card with a simple design of holly and festive bells on the front.
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