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Creme-colored card, happy birthday card with child's face inside flower.

A couple carries their baby through the desert. The woman holds the child while riding on the horse's back and the man walks beside the horse

Two women of the Seminole Tribe in Florida stand with a girl between them. They are dressed in brightly colored skirts and loose-fitting shirts. One of the women has many different necklaces of different colors on, while the one behind her has fewer…

Against clear skies and the beautiful ocean in the background, illustrated is a large amount of people enjoying a day at the amusement center.

The front of the card has an illustration of a tiger lily with a child's face in the center of the flower. There are two flowers that have fully blossomed, including the one with the child's face, and one that has not yet opened up. The child's face…

With the blue ocean pictured in the background, we can see a picnic area where a family of five (man, woman, one boy, and two girls) is eating at a picnic table and two other people (man and woman) preparing to go fishing behind them.

The sepia colored photograph depicts a woman holding a baby. The appear to be on a porch with the baby sitting on the railing next to a pillar. The woman is wearing a hat and dress with something tied around the neck. She is also wearing a coat and…

A child's 2 month and 2 week old photo. The child appears to be making a frightened face while in a white dressing gown. The child appears to be resting on a fur blanket on top of a wicker chair. The photo is in black and white with some blurring at…

Five children dressed in vibrant horizontal stripped clothing, with no shoes, on a stage as the adults stand behind them with stern faces. Each child wears a different facial expression and poses in a unique manner.
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