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A female soldier drives erratically through a road causing the men to go overboard.

a creme-colored card that depicts the Boston Public Library. One can see that the photographer stood across the street to capture the photo. There is also a gothic style building to the right of the library.

Yellow/cream colored card, illustration of old car and suburban street.

The image on this post card is of the green benches in St. Petersburg Florida. This is a very colorful image of people young and old sitting on the green benches. There are several buildings along side the road as well as several cars.

The photograph shows a Miami street lined with several cars which all appear to be from the 1940s. The street is also lined with several tall palm trees and a few large white hotels with many floors. The sky behind the hotels is clear and blue with…

The illustration captures Webb's city's very own World's Most Unusual Drug Store in St. Petersburg Florida. The building, against clear skies, is surrounded by cars as people make their way.

Overview of the Gandy Bridge looking toward St. Petersburg which is surrounded by blue water as cars make their way to their destinations on the parallel bridge.

This post card depicts a colorful house at the summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado. We see a few cars around the building and a few people standing at the top overlooking the edge. At first glance, it may seem like the house is in the middle of a beach…

A view of Pilot Mountain in North Carolina. This colored postcard is taken from the point of view of Highway 52. The mountain, located between Winston-Salem and Mt. Airy North Carolina, rises to a height of 2700 feet above sea level. Pilot Mountain…
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