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A mistletoe adorns the center of the card with a church spire above it being illuminated by a golden star. The Mistletoe is connected to several white stars in a long chain. The top right color is shaded pinkish red and the bottom left corner is a…

A long row of flower beds line the middle of a parks grounds with dozens of benches lined along their edges. Several ornate buildings surround the flowerbeds with high column walls with American flags sprinkled on top of them.

A tall tower with balconies on all four sides overlooks a lake and a rural landscape. The few buildings that can be seen are houses and a large warhouse.

An important building in Washington D. C.

We get a grand aerial view of a park and its attractions. A large array of clustered buildings, hundreds of parked vehicles, a grand curving roadway, trees, and rides can be seen encompassing the grand scale of the property. Gorgeously juxtaposing…

The scene depicts an inspiring and beautiful vista. There is a depiction a red steam powered train that is passing over a bridge. On the side of the bridge is a rich verdant lawn garden. People are walking towards a tunnel under the bridge. Behind…

Several families are walking down a busy thoroughfare. The main figures who stand out are a family of three. A delighted mother dressed all in red walks happily with her husband who pushes their baby in a stroller with an adorable blue tarp to…

Mickey Mouse is riding down a thoroughfare in a brightly colored red and yellow car that is being driven by an attendant. Mickey is eagerly interacting with parkgoers, more specifically their children. A woman in red is seated in the back of the…

An old fashioned steamboat is cruising on a body of water. A large throng of passengers possess each of its teeming three decks. In the foreground are lovely flower beds. The one to the right houses red ones and a sprouting tree. The ones on the edge…
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