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A brightly colored sail ship cruises across an ocean with a setting golden sun trailing behind it.
A long row of fishing boats float by a scenic pier side. Several black cars along with beach houses can be seen in the background. A line of trees scents the background with an evening or twilight light above it all.

A hand drawn port of Staten Island with a ferry entering from the sea. The island has many large buildings of many shapes and sizes.
Below is a grand aerial view of a dense and populated landscape. In the foreground as well as constituting most of the image is a luscious body of serene deep blue water. There is a stone strip that bears tropical palm trees. There is a stream ship…
The setting takes place on a body of water. There is a boat gliding on the water as it conducts a tour. It is full of passengers who look at their surroundings in awe. The principle subjects are the hippopotami, whose heads are eagerly swarming…
An old fashioned steamboat is cruising on a body of water. A large throng of passengers possess each of its teeming three decks. In the foreground are lovely flower beds. The one to the right houses red ones and a sprouting tree. The ones on the edge…
The scene describes a Disney theme park attraction ride. The manner of the ride is aquatic. There are three boats carrying passengers heading for a tunnel or about to go under a bridge. On both sides of the waterway are fields of beautiful flowers.…
Men practicing for crossing rivers in Europe using barges for transporting vehicles and tanks.
Creme-colored card, illustration of New York City from the ferry.
Creme-colored card of houses near a body of water. Dock resting in body of water.
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