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A man and a woman sit on a bench in front of water. The picture is mostly colorized except for the man and the woman themselves. There is water and rocks in the background, suggesting they are at a beach or a larger body of water.

Against clear skies and the beautiful ocean in the background, illustrated is a large amount of people enjoying a day at the amusement center.

This postcard is a picture of the road facing the ocean in Palm Beach Florida from Ocean Boulevard. The road is lined with swaying palm trees and a pristine beach which is captured a a diagonal on the right side of the card. Into the ocean juts a…

This postcard is actually a greeting card from Florida. The card shows two palm trees and a sunset in the background. The lettering on the card reads "Greetings from FLORIDA" each letter in the word Florida holds an image. A tall building in the "F',…

On this post card we are shown a picture of Daytona beach with a clear shot of the pier, the sun illuminates the beach accompanied by blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Behind the beach are numerous buildings.

In this postcard a sky view of Daytona Beach, Fla. the pier is visible in the picture along with cars and specs of people. To the right there are several buildings including what appears to be hotels close to the beach.

Pictured on this postcard seems to be a busy day on Daytona Beach. From an elevated angle we are shown several people and cars on the beach and what appears to be an amp theater along with several other buildings

Pictured are man and woman relaxing in front of the Clearwater beach in a grassy area that has tables and chairs.

The color photo is an aerial view of the heart of the Florida Keys. The ocean can be seen in the back of the photo with a dock leading out into the water while to the right is a bridge leading to another part of land that can't be seen. On the main…
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