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In this post card we see a male Seminole posing beside several alligators.
A blue and gold macaw and a red macaw perch on a branch next to one another on this postcard.
This postcard gives viewers a visual map of the various places and accompanying activities that are common in Georgia. Formatted on an orange background with bold red lettering and outlining, viewers can deduce that the central theme is common…
A group of alligators take up most of the postcard. Their mouths are outlined in red and seem to be surrounding around a tree branch.
Illustrated photo of baby alligator hatching from its egg in soft grass, as four other small alligator's watch.
A man in a red shirt and blue pants stands in the middle of water surrounded by dozens of alligators holding a stick and smiling. The water curves around under a bridge and you can see alligators laying on the land as well. There is a no trespassing…
This postcard is an artist's rendition of a black (African-American) boy who is holding onto a palm tree on the banks of a waterway because there is an alligator waiting to eat him when he comes down. On the opposite bank there are more palm trees.
A young boy poses on top of a giant model alligator in front of a fountain at South of the Border in South Carolina.
Depicted on this postcard we see a mash up of real-life images and art. There are nine African- American children sitting on an extremely large alligator in the middle of a body of water that appears to be a lake or river. The children seemed to be…
Two African American men pinning down an alligator and pulling its mouth open. It looks as if they are in a park with grass and palm trees along with other trees and flowers.
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