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Depicts the famous Hall of the Great Buddha, part of Toudaiji Temple in Nara, Japan. Some wear is evident at the corners of the card. The image illustrates the building and the nature surrounding it. There are trees, a fountain, a small building, and…
The front of the card is a portrait, close-up view of the Cinderella Castle in Disney World, framed on the bottom of the photo by the flowers in front of the castle. The back of the card provides a brief description of the image.
The photo on the front of the card shows Disney World at night, lit up only by the Cinderella Castle in the background and by the Main Street Electrical Parade. The back of the card describes the scene and the events of the Electrical Parade.
The front of the card is a photo of the Cinderella Castle at the entrance of Disney World in Orlando framed by a river that leads to the castle and various trees. The back provides a description of the castle and some of the attractions in…
This is an image from the Dolomites, a mountain range in northern Italy that borders Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria.
This is nice colored image of a banana tree in bloom, with fruit ready to pick. This image was taken in Miami, Florida.
This is an image of the Guildhall in London, which looks to be a very Victorian looking building. From details on the back of the postcard this is a special Guildhall Series card.
This is a black and white image of a cathedral in Reims, France. From this view, on Chanzy Street, there seem to be lots of ruins surrounding the cathedral.
A christmas card with a greeting on front and an image of mistletoe along the top.

This post card is a holiday greeting and says "To Wish You a Happy Christmas" with mistletoe dominating the card.
A large farm house painted red and brown with white borders. There are red and yellow floweres surrounding the edge of the home. There are lots of windows and shutters that are painted bright white, along with a white chimney. There is a wooden fence…
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