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Against clear skies and the beautiful ocean in the background, illustrated is a large amount of people enjoying a day at the amusement center.

Pictured in this postcard is a room with a high bed in the middle. Carpeted steps is placed in front of the bed along with a chair. The sheets are white along with the draping's that surround the bed. Other pieces of furniture are present which all…

In this postcard, we see a bed room that has a mahogany table and other pieces of furniture such as chairs, mirrors, picture frames, and dressers. in the middle sits a big bed with white sheets and white draping's.

Pictured is various logs on the ground each in different positions. One log is broken and the pieces can be seen scattered amongst the others. in the distance we see clear blue skies, hills, and dirt.

In this postcard, we can see pictured in this room is pieces of furniture such as chairs, tables, dressers, a mirror, and a bed with white sheets. We can also see light hitting the wall.

Pictured in this postcard is the dining room which features pieces of furniture , wall fixtures, candle sticks, and a fire place that has intricate designs.

In this postcard we see the green room along with wall fixtures, picture frames, and a white pitcher in a bowl that sits on top of a dresser. a white fireplace is also seen with a green rug in front of it.

Illustrated on this postcard is a banquet hall that includes pieces of furniture and various picture frames and photographs. The biggest picture frame takes up a whole wall where we see a picture of a white haired man on a horse.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue government building is massive in size with multiple floors and windows. The stone building takes up at least a block.
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